Dermalogica Thermal Body Treatments combine the powers of touch and heat to deliver skin health experience you crave...

Welcome to a new way of thinking about body treatments...

Eleven new body treatments that include body exfoliation, wraps, targeted treatments for a specific area of the body, and our relaxing Thermal Stamp Therapy, which dates back to 14th century Thai therapy.

Finally – customized treatments for the body!
Much in the way a Dermalogica face treatment is customised with Face Mapping®, your Thermal Body Treatment will begin with Body Mapping®, the zone-by-zone analysis of your body skin. Only through Body Mapping can you receive a treatment that will deliver targeted results. And, Body Mapping will help outline a proper Body Therapy home care regimen to help you maintain the results of your treatment!

Thermal body therapy and the power of heat
There is no doubt that warmth plays a vital role in keeping us comfortable. But heat also helps relax muscles, induce sweating (to assist in toxin elimination), relieve pain and calm the psyche.

Through the use of our new Thermal Body Therapy professional products that feel amazing on your skin, your skin therapist will also use exclusive manipulations to create a body temperature that’s more conducive for penetration of essential products ingredients into skin.

Exclusive blend of three warming ingredients
Our new Thermal Body Therapy professional treatment products include an exclusive blend of three Asian herbs, noted for their warming, antioxidant and soothing properties on skin:

Japanese Wasabi Root
the same root that is known as green Japanese horseradish (the must-have condiment to sushi), is a warming herb that has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties along with a high Vitamin C content.

Tropical Asian Ginger
is another warming root extract that promotes circulation, acts as an anti-inflammatory for soothing the skin and scavenges free radicals while reducing edema.

White Tea Extract
an unfermented tea picked at the most tender stage of growth, is the richest source of antioxidants that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Dermalogica Body Treatment
Price List...

Full Body Exfoliating Scrub (30 mins) £35.00
Gentle, customised exfoliation that smooths and brightens skin helps reduce the appearance of sun spots and hyper pigmentation.

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