Holistic Facial

Holistic Facial use essential Oils and other natural products to help improve the condition of the skin and aim to improve skin tone and texture through massage movements designed to increase circulation, leaving skin glowing.

The Benefits of Holistic Facial 

Holistic Facial improves mood and reduces anxiety thus helping with your general wellbeing…

The Holistic massage is great for detoxifying your body because there are many lymph nodes scattered throughout the facial area, especially along the edge of the chin and jawline. Massaging the face stimulates the lymphatic vessels and facilitates toxin elimination from the facial area...  

A Holistic Facial keeps you looking younger by relaxing tension in your facial muscles thus reducing furrows and lines around the forehead, eyes, and lips area... The lines around your eyes, lips, and brow will be noticeably reduced and the expression-induced lines will be softened. With the lifting effect of a regular Holistic Facial and combined with regular use of a good, hydrating moisturizer is a much cheaper and healthier way to keep you looking younger…

The face massage during  Holistic Facial helps relieve congested sinuses, headaches, or puffiness by mobilizing secretions and improving drainage…

The Holistic Facial is a great treatment to reduce Acne by expelling toxins through facial massage and this includes those that cause acne.  

The Holistic Facial increases circulation, oxygenating the blood and encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells and relaxing the muscles. Your face will look bright and lifted especially around the eye area. 

Our Holistic Facial 

Starting by understanding your need and concern through a consultation your therapist will select the products to tailor made the facial for your skin needs. 

The Facial start a gentle cleasing follow with a deep cleanse. The deep cleanse will take dull surface skin cells along with it by shedding the topmost layer of your skin.  The  living skin cells multiply and move to the surface and collagen production is boosted which results in improving your skin’s elasticity. Your skin will begin to look and feel younger.

The skin starts to look smoother and more radiant. It’s also more receptive to skincare products. The softer skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles near the forehead, eyes, and mouth. 

The deep cleanse unclog your pores and remove blackheads from the surface of your skin which helps ease your acne breakouts. Scarring from skin blemishes is reduced. 

Smoother, younger-looking skin is hidden just beyond the surface—literally.

Why not peel back old, damaged skin to reveal a healthier layer underneath?

 Ready for all these benefits? Are you ready to give it a try now that you know how your skin can benefit from Holistic Facial? 

 Discover smoother, healthier skin. Book online today to rejuvenate your skin!