Laser Hair Removal

20% off Laser Hair Removal + buy 7 get 1 free... or 

20% off Laser Hair Removal + buy 10 get 2 free...

50% off  top up after 12th sessions...

1 free massage when you buy 5 massage sessions...

6 Free LED light therapy sessions worth £180.00 when you buy 6 Dermalogica Facial treatments...

Physiotherapy & Functional Manual therapy

-Functional manual therapy and Deep Tissue Massage in motor organ injuries

-Chronic back pain including C spine, Thoracic spine, L-S spine, Whiplash, disc problems, sciatica syndrome, piriformis muscle Syndrome, Sacroiliac joint pain, etc.

-Shoulder (frozen shoulder, impingement Syndrome, disorders of the biomechanic of scapula etc.)

-Elbow (tennis elbow, golf elbow)

-Wrist (Carpal tunnel syndrome)

-Strain injuries

-Injuries post trauma, including fractures

-Treatment Post orthopaedic operations (spinal surgery, shoulder surgery, knee(ACL) surgery, treatment post joint replacements-hip, knee)

-Work related injuries

-Sports injures/Sprains and Strains(ankle sprain)/Soft tissue injuries

-Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions

£60 for 1 Hour Physiotyherapist session...

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