Leg Stretch

Leg stretch is very important to prevent and help ease chronic and acute lower back pain.

I have many clients coming to me to treat lower back pain. Many people suffer from lower back pain as a result of long hours of sitting in front of a desk working.

As an Oriental holistic massage therapist I look at the body as a whole. I don't just work on the area that you feel the tense but on the whole body. This is because the body is connected by a band of muscles and facia. Bands of facia run all over our body like a rubber band to stabilise movement. Any tightness in any area can trigger pain elsewhere. On top of massage, I also recommend that you take Yoga and Pilate class. I always advice my clients to take a break every 30 minutes at work to walk around and perform a simple light stretch to prevent repetitive strain injury. Always make some time for yourself. You only have one body and make sure you take good care of your own body or else you will have to pay for it at the older age. You either do it now or live in pain at the older life. A bit here and there will all add up in the long terms as the word said: We trade our health for wealth when we are young and trade wealth for health at old age. That is if you are lucky.

Remember prevention is always better than cure. Find time to do some stretching exercise.

Here are a few video with simple stretch for those who are too busy or too embarrass to attend any class. I hope you will spend some 20 minutes to do some exercise as shown on the video. Enjoy and have a pain free life.