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Laser inch loss system to lose those extra inches....

How the laser inch loss treatment works?

The NRG LipoSculpt Laser Inch Loss system emits low levels of laser energy that penetrate the skin, causing the adipocytes (fat cells) to secrete free fatty acids, glycerol and water. The adipocytes shrink and the lymphatic system removes the fatty liquids through the body’s natural metabolic function and these are used by the body as an energy source.The process does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.

Unlike invasive surgery, the NRG LipoSculpt treatment does not harm the body in any way as the fat cells are left intact, the body will still maintain its ability to store fat in the areas that have been targeted. This will prevent fat being stored in different areas of the body thus avoiding unwanted uneven body contours. Clients who maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise regime will retain the benefits of the NRG LipoSculpt treatment and maintain their body shape.

Why NRG LipoSculpt Laser Inch Loss?

NRG LipoSculpt laser inch loss system uses the latest technology to deliver inch loss results that go way beyond any other treatment available in the industry today.

NRG LipoSculpt uses a mild low laser (or cold laser) treatment to reduce your body’s fat. It is not cosmetic surgery. It’s non-invasive: there are no needles or injections.

It’s a comfortable, warming treatment with no downtime that gives you the results of liposuction without the surgery.

Our tests have shown up to an astonishing size loss of 16 inches over a course of ten treatments, that’s at least two dress sizes smaller.

Even after the first treatment you can expect to lose between 2 to 5 inches, that means you start looking and feeling fabulous immediately.


The NRG LipoSculpt laser emits low levels of laser energy which penetrate the skin to a depth of approximately 13mm, just deep enough to reach the subcutaneous fat layer.This creates a chemical signal in the adipocytes (fat cells) to break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. The cell membranes are disrupted and develop tiny pores, through which the free fatty acids and glycerol are released into the interstitial spaces, resulting in the emptying of the adipocytes.This release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to use stored energy reserves. It does not destroy or have any detrimental effect on the fat cells or the neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.

Your body will use the fuel available in your bloodstream, which include the free fatty acids and glycerol released by the NRG LipoSculpt treatments. Once the ‘fuel’ in the bloodstream has been used up your liver will begin to target the remaining fat deposits (starting with those most easily broken down – the treated areas) for further ‘fuel’.Therefore, the more exercise you undertake between treatments the better your results will be.NRG Liposculpt is a fantastic means of reminding your body about those long dormant fat deposits that no amount of exercise seems to be able to target.

After 1 treatment...

After 4 treatments...

After 8 treatments...

After 10 treatments...

Q&A about Laser Inch Loss treatment...

Who can be treated with Laser Inch Loss treatment?

If you are a healthy adult over the age of 18 and capable of performing a little regular exercise to burn off the ‘fuel’ released by the treatments, the answer is usually a resounding YES!

There are some medical conditions, or ‘contraindications’, that mean you CANNOT be treated with Laser Lipo Inch Loss treatment.

To ensure the best interest of your health and to ensure there are no complications with your condition, people with the following conditions cannot be treated:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart problems
  • Pacemaker
  • Radiation sickness or receiving radiation therapies
  • Any form of cancer (even if in remission)
  • Immune suppressed disorders
  • Pregnancy or currently breast feeding
  • Diabetes (type 1 – insulin dependent)
  • Any dysfunction of the nervous system (e.g. muscular sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, motor neuron disease)
  • Bell palsy
  • Photosensitive skin disorder
  • Epilepsy

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you CAN be treated (with a signed disclaimer), but we would strongly recommend you consult with your GP or consultant physician before commencing treatment.

  • If you are an HIV carrier
  • Diabetes (type 2)
  • Recent surgery or minor operation (less than 6 weeks ago)
  • Recent injury (awaiting treatment / surgery)

How many treatments do I need?

We treat all clients on an individual basis. But a course of 2 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks will usually provide significant results.

You can have more than one course if required, but it is essential to have a 2 week gap between courses.

Can more than one area of the body to be treated at a time?

This latest LipoSculpt laser technology machine can now comfortably treat more than one area of the body at a time. This is most effective if you are prepared to do more cardiovascular exercise between treatments.

Do I need to do any exercise?

Yes, Cardiovascular exercise is most effective in securing the best results from a course of Laser Lipo treatments. This will depend upon your fitness levels, but the aim is to get your heart rate up to the point of perspiring through exercise such as power walking, running, swimming, power plate, rowing machine etc…

How do I monitor the results?

We are results oriented and like to share the excitement of our clients’ inch loss throughout each course of treatment. We will measure you after every Laser Lipo session and we will take ‘before and after’ photographs too.

Will the inches stay off after the treatments?

Yes, if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. We will be able to provide tailored advice about the most effective post treatment regime for you.

Treatment cost...

We recommend a course of 8 treatments twice every week.

Single 40 minutes session: £78.00

8 sessions in 4 weeks package: £500.00 (we recommend low carb diet and 10,000 walking steps a day for ultimum results) 

we recommend low carb Keto diet and walking 10,000 steps a day for ultimum results... 

Book LipoSculpt Laser Inch Loss online today for the beautiful body...

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