More great feedback
from happy customers

More great feedbacks from satisfied customers who have greatly benefit from the massage.

Happy reading......See you soon.

Amazing massage, many Thanks!!!
Noemie 21-8-2013

Great deep tissue massage...
Lei is the only person I know who can get rid of my tension headaches...
Emily 21-8-2013

That was wonderful. Thank you.
Feeling very relaxed.
Sarah 20-8-2013

Pregnancy massage can't get any better! Thank you.
Vanessa 20-8-2013

You are very good at what you do. Thank you.
Glad I found this place.
Vera 1-8-2013

Best massage ever! Thank you.
I'll be back!
Ken 27-7-2013

Headache all gone - fantastic!
Thank you. I shall be back!
Nicky 27-7-2013

Thank you so much. I feel so relaxed now, ready for my wedding!
All the best for you!
I will definitely recommend you!
Kristina 24-7-2013

Amazing as usual. Thank you Lei!
All my knots are melted in your hand!
Laura 13-7-2013

Dear Lei, that was perhaps the best massage I have ever had.
A truly wonderful experience...
Thank you so much...
Ruth T 9-7-2013

Thank you Lei - that was wonderful and release a world of tension!
Jane 6-6-2013

Thank you Lei...
Very very relaxing.
Laura 1-6-2-13

Lee - that was really great!!!
Julie 31-5-2013

Thank you so much - my back feeds much better

Very therapeutic!

Another wonderful, relaxing massage
Thank you,

Such a good massage,Thanks

Thank you, feel revived - really worked on the muscles. Body feels mended.
Debra 11-5-2013

Best massage I've had, second visit and plan on coming back for more
Laura 10-5-2013

The best massage - Thank you.
Will be back...
Emma 9-5-2013

A lovely de stressing massage. Thank you
Danela Ramos 8-5-2013

Fantastic neck& back massage - so relaxed & all soreness disappears
Thank you and see you next week
Sarah 4-5-2013

Came in feeling stressed and left feeling relaxed and happy!
Wonderful as always. Thank you
Michele 4-5-2013

Excellent. Will be back again soon :)

Wonderful pregnancy massage. with only a week to go it was much appreciated!
Thank you
Holly 1-5-2013

Thank you for sorting out my shoulder out! Sand

Thank you Lei. I'll run like wind now!!
Marathon 2013 here we come....

Thank you again! Feeling better already. I shall be back...
Nancy :)

Wow! I feel ten years younger! which is highly appreciated on my 30th birthday!
Thank you so much - you're a star!
Jen 13-4-2013

Dr.Lei, what a miracle, you cured me! lol
Amazing massage and completely got rid of my knot and can turn my head properly now!
Will be back, Thank you!
Suzanna 8-4-2013

Thank you for such a wonderful massage!

Wonderful, feel so refreshed.
Thank you so much...

Amazing! An amazing massage from an expert.
Thank you!
Nigel 30-3-2013

Fantastic techniques. The best ever massage.
Thanks Lei
Enrique 30-3-2013

Lovely massage - very relaxing
Janina :) 29-3-2013

Very glad to be back.
What a relief - feeling at peace.
Thanks Lei
Jo 28-3-2013

Amazing, amazing,m amazing.
Feeling knot free.
Thank you.
I shall be back...
Nancy 27-3-2013

A really fabulous massage - so many knots and stiff muscles released!!!
Thank you
Annie 24-3-2013

Brilliant! Will be back for more
Pat 27-3-2013

Probably the best back and neck massage I've ever had :)
Thanks so much
Sabara 10-3-2013

Big thank you!!! You are by far the best!
Great atmosphere and really relaxing
Michela 09-3-2013

Very good - extremely relaxing
Rob 11-3-2013

Great massage - perfect to help me relax before the wedding!
Jo 9-3-2013

Thank you! Wonderful and relaxing as always.
Michele 8-3-2-13

The joy of the feel good factor. Love it!
Thank you
Alison 7-3-2013

Just what I needed :)
Somel 4-3-2013

A man's touch never felt so good. Just what I needed
Nicky 2-3-2013

Loved it as usual.
Donna 2-3-2013

I've never had a better massage! Amazing, thank you
Kirsty 2-3-2013

Wow! Absolutely fantastic. I feel like a new person!
Thank you Lei and I'll see you soon!
Maja 2-3-2013

Feeling 100 X better. Fantastic as always. Thanks Lei!
See you when I get back from Australia!
Kate 17-2-2013

The secret of feeling young - Lei's massage!
Rory 15-2-2013

Great as always.
Jessica 26-1-2013

Wow! All the tension in my back has disappeared! Thoroughly relaxing. Thanks!
Samantha 26-1-2013

Thank you very much. I feel amazing after the massage.
Kathy 24-1-2013

Amazing! Will definitely return. Thank you for a real, strong massage.
Nicola 21-1-2013

Amazing massage - focused on all the areas I needed!
Camilla 17-1-2013

It is so wonderful to have found a proper, powerful Asian style massage that has untangled my poor pregnant body!
This is the best I've felt since getting pregnant.
Thank you...
Alice Dumas 15-1-2013

Wonderful - thank you very much. See you soon...
Hannah 14-1-2-2013

Fabulous pregnancy massage!
My broken body feels invigorated!
Harriet Nelson 13-1-2013

Lei, what a great massage, so relaxing...
Thank you.
Douglas 10-1-2013

Thanks as always Lei - amazing!
Sarah 30-12-2012

Lei, thank you. That was a-may-zing!
I'm hoping my shoulder will get better now. Happy new year. Enjoy Malaysia!
Emma 28-12-12

Lei, your magic touch has made me feel a few inches taller after sorting out my knotty back - Thank you!
Lydia 17-12-2012

Fantastic! Thanks Lei...
I will be back.
Robyn 8-12-2012

Lei, that was fantastic, possibly the best massage I have ever had!
Thank you, my neck and back feel so amazing and tense no more!
See you in the New Year!
Laura xxx 8-12-2012

Lei, love the new place, as good as your hands! Thanks...
Rupert 5-12-2012.

Thank you Lei! Amazing massage as always...
Henny 2-12-2012

Fantastic calf and leg massage...
Yasmin 26-11-2012

Absolutely brilliant, it has helped tremendously!
Thank you Lei
Marcia 19-11-2012

You are the best Lee!!!
Magda 19-11-2012

Thank you Lei!
Feel completely different and happy. You are amazing!
Rachel 18-11-2012

This is just what I needed, You saved me...
Nicola 16-11-2012

Brilliant massage. Good luck with the salon...
Graham 11-11-2012

Neck and shoulder feel so much losser, thank you Lei!
Lydia 7-11-2012

Feeling so relaxed, the tension in my back and shoulder all gone...
Thank you!!!
Ruba 6-11-2012

Excellent deep tissue massage! Worked out all the stiffness in my neck and back.
Look forward to the next one!
Teresa 3-11-2012

Well worth the 1hr 30mins drive...
Natalie 23-10-2012

Just the best massage!
As ever you have worked out all my back tension.
Sophie 22-10-2012

Fantastic deep tissue massage, feel much better.
Thank you Lei
Becky 16-10-2012

A perfect massage - feel fantastic. Will be back again soon!
Christina 16-10-2012

Another week or two without feeling work tensions! Perfect regular massage!
Thanks Lei. See you soon
Nico 13-10-2012

Wonderful massage as always. Thanks Lei
Jules 11-10-2012

Thank you So Much - love your work! See you soon
Kirsty 10-10-2012

Fantastic, I feel like a new person! Wishing you a wonderful opening. I'll be back soon
Helen 6-10-2012

That was the BEST massage I've EVER had
Thank You!
Tiffany 5-10-12

There is a reason why I have been coming for massage for years now.... Amazing!
Thank you Lei
Hannah 15-9-2012

Thank you Lei - incredible as always.
Annabel 15-9-2012

Great Job, Feeling renewed already!
Simon 9-9-2012

Yet again, you have done an incredible job and I feel amazing!
Many thanks, Kate 20-8-2012

Hugh thanks for helping me for my big swim. You are a star...
Emma 19-8-2012

Fantastic massage, FEEL GREAT...Thank you
Donna 18-8-2012

My neck and shoulders feel 100 times better! Thank you
Annie xxx 7-8-2012

Lei melts pain away with his magic touch. Thank you!
Lydia 5-8-2012

Oh my goodness! By far the best massage I have had!
Thanks, I'll be back....
Kate 25-7-2012

Lee, you are a miracle worker. Thanks again for a great massage
Angie 24-07-2012

Amazing! I feel ready for my holiday now :) You got rid of all my work stress...
Nicola 25-7-2012

For anyone who knows someone who is pregnant, send them to Lei. He does the most amazing pregnancy massage. Totally different to his normal massage but just as good - highly recommended as a pamper for 'mum to be'!
Claire (6 months pregnant)

Amazing every time!
Katie 21-7-2012

After days of travelling that was the perfect recovery...
Thank you so much Lei! Amazing as always and I had to cross the Atlantic to get the best massage! Thanks!
Amy 15-6-2012

That massage was amazing today! You always work so hard to ease all my tension and I feel so much better already. Brilliant massage.
Claire B

Good job Lei, Well done!

Dear Lei,
You are amazing – thank you so much for the massage today.

Dear Lei
My shoulder are 3” lower – Thank You!

This was amazing....fantastic massage! Thank you so so much!

Feel great. You will definitely see me back again soon!
Thank you

I’ll be ur lifetime client. U get me out of this pain. Was great!!! Thank U

Thanks Lei – brilliant massage

Feels like a new body every time. Simply the best! Love the positive attitude.
Sue P

Lei is the best! His massages make me feel refresh and de-stressed. Pure magic!!
Michelle Da Silva
Terima kasih (Thank you in Malay)

Lei, Thank you so much! You are amazing. Never feel so relaxed.
Muscles feel so much better.

Really excellent massage as always - really helps relieve the pains and stresses working at a desk and exercising.

Dear Lei
As always totally brilliant! You have magic hands and never fail to distress and untangle muscles. Many thanks.

Thanks again Lei. Great!

My body feels completely different. It’s great! Thank you.

Dear Lei
You’ve made a client for life. You are the best massage therapist I’ve ever come across.
Thank you

Thank you so much. You have made such a different to my pain. I feel a new woman! Come and see us in Bream.

Fantastic! You’ve made me feel 100 times better – in everywhere!
More Relaxed + you work on my shoulder is helping the operation Recovery!
Thanks and See You soon

Dear Lei
Thanks again for an AMAZING massage.....I’ll be back!

Thanks so much for the most wonderful massage Lei – I’ll be back really soon!!

Mr Lee,
Amazing! Good luck with the golf and see you soon.
Hannah and Danny

Thank you. It was fantastic. See you again soon.

Really was a wonderful massage.
Thank you.

The best massage ever.
Virginia Ware Sykes

Dear Lei,
Thanks for the wonderful massage. It really worked in releasing my muscle tension. See you soon.

Thank you so much for a great massage once again Lei

Wonderful massage as ever. We’ll see lots of you in 2010.

Heaven! Thank you again and again

Absolutely amazing! You are a life saver!
See you soon.
Jenny x

Great again – I feel revitalised!


Thank you Lei, that was amazing. See you soon!

Perfect massage Lee

Thank you Lei, the best massage I’ve ever had!

Just as good as I remembered........I’ll be back and send many more you way!
Jane F

Fantastic massage!
Many thanks, I feel 100 times better than before the session.
Thank you.


Thank you, Feel very different afterward from when I arrived.

A wonderful massage just what I needed being pregnant-definately book another one

Lei-thank you again so much. Absolutely fantastic + so relaxing + therapeutic.

My first massage & it was amazing!!!
I will be back !!!

Thank you Lee - amazing massaage - I will be back !

Lee, thanks! Great massage!
I will be back!!!

As always a wonderful massage! Many, manu thanks.

Thank you Lee. You are truly very talented and an expert in muscles and how to massage

Thank you again Lei for getting rid of all my ache and pains. Amazing.

Perfect after a week of hard skiing!
Thx again Lee....James

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing
This man cures trapped nerves - sciatica-neck pain & sorts out my tired muscles like no other. I'm converted
Thank You!

Thank you. It was truly amazing. The best massage, I've ever had & I've a lot.
Will be back very soon.

Thanks Lee as always a superb massage, see you soon

Thank you :)

100% amazing!
Best massage ever, everytime!
Thanks Lei!
Lydia :)

That was the best massage I ever had. Can't wait for the next one!!!

Thank you so much. Loved it!!!
ALways great!

Thank you Lei. That was fantastic. I feel restored.

Thank you so much! As usual U R the Best.
Always can't wait for the next one!!!

Wonderful! So much looser shoulders now! Huge thanks - will be back!

Thank you Lei - feel so much better.
Back soon........

As always a totally fabulous massage - I feel so much better! - many many thanks

Amazing thank you so much
first massage ever
Can't wait to come back! :)Thanks again

Thank you, Thank you Thank you
You have a gift and great strength - this is the begining of my restoration and I look forward to it not being sore!
Polly B

Best massage I've ever had.
Amazing. Thank you. Kirsty

Fabulous!!! amazing!!! as always
Feel re-energised

Thanks a lot! The best massage in the world!!!
:) Marco from Florence

Wow, that was what I needed!!! Many thanks

My body always feels so much better when I see you.
Excellent yet again!!!

Awesome as usual Lei. 11 out of 10!!
Cheers. Brian. :)

I had a wonderful massage. I feel totally De-stressed. Thank you!
Daniele x

I could now play a good round of golf!
Thanks as always. Danny

Thank you so much. I feel so much better already.
Cheers. Tahir

Great Everytime Lee!

Fantastic! thank you,

Thank you so much Lei. I come in feeling wracked and leave feeling brand new!

Many thank Lei. My glutes feel so much better!

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