Best massage in Ujung Pandang, Sulawasi, Indonesia

by Woon Wei

I and a few friends were on a business trip to Ujung Pandang in Sulawasi, Indonesia. The trip was fantastic and the night lives are great. The karaoke room is beautiful and huge with great sound systems. We enjoy our night a lot after a heavy fantastic Indonesian cuisine dinner.

The late night out and a long day of meeting after meeting beginning to take the toll on each and every one of us. We decided to go for a massage before we continue another adventure night out. What a great way to end our hectic day and a fresh start to our night party life.

We get the hotel staff to organise taxies to drive us to a SPA. We are so excited on the way to the so call SPA. Our high spirit were immediately taken a down turn (like a splash of ice water) when we were told that we arrived at our destination. The so call SPA was an ordinary shop in a roll of terrace shop house. It doesn’t look anything like a SPA. It looks more like sundry shop with rooms’ partition. The painting was old and the partitions are all make of cheap plywood but it is very clean. Half of us were against the idea of having the massage because the SPA is no way to compare with the SPA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it is not even a SPA. It is more a massage parlour than a proper SPA. No sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and don’t even have a proper basic shower room.

We are so tired and we manage to convince the other half of the group to go ahead as plan as the word saying "You jump, I jump". The other half finally agreed to go ahead as planned just for the group spirit and furthermore we already book the masseurs. We don't want to make them feel let down looking at their poor little face and they look so small size. Anyway what harm can this thin and small size masseur do to us compare to the emotional harm we cause them if we decide to walk out.

Ah ha, this is where the story takes an evil twist. Never judge the book by the cover. After 2 hours later, every single one of us came out with the broadest smile in our face. We can all agree that that was the best massage we ever had in our life. No other massage in Malaysia, Thailand, India and even China can come close to the Indonesian Massage we had in the run down shed somewhere in Ujung Pandang Sulawasi. Till today, we don't understand where the strength of the thin, tiny size masseur to be able to give such a strong great deep pressure massages.

Indonesian massage is the best deep tissue massage I had ever experience. Those of you who have tried it will definitely agree with me.

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Oct 11, 2017
by: Lina

Hi, am in Ujung Pandang now and looking for a great place for massage/SPA. Would you mind to share the name of this place/location? Thank you in advance!

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