Personal Training for
Fitness, Wellbeing and Weight Loss

Why Personal Training?

It is all about getting you to stay motivated, achieving results and plan a regular work-out schedule and stay with it to achieve fitness, wellbeing and weight loss. It depends on your personal goal. Every individual is different, requires a bespoke programme to achieve individual goal. Your personal trainer will integrates a wide range of training disciplines and methods to ensure that your interest stay high and your body is constantly being challenged in a wide range of ways. Following your initial Physical Analysis sessions, your Trainer will develop your Personalised Training Programme. Designed to be progressive and challenging, the programme will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile.

What is the training outcomes?

Weight loss

Muscle tone

Increased muscle mass

Improved fitness (endurance cardio training, high intensity training HIIT)

Increased strength

Increased power

Olympic power lifts (cleans, snatches)

Improved core stability

Improved balance, coordination

Increased speed, agility, quickness

What does it involve?

Lifestyle Assessment

This assessment begins at the Fitness Studio with a discussion of your fitness & health goals, past fitness & health history, everything you would like to achieve or change, current levels of activity & exercise, your weight history, eating habits and a description of the relevant services.

Usually you will be asked to bring in a detailed food diary in a week time.

After completing the questionnaires you will have a training plan designed for you based on all the information you have provided, with advice on how to achieve your goals and improve your overall health and well-being.

Health check & Lifestyle consultation

Weight monitoring

Screening for blood pressure

Nutritional advice & guidance for weight loss & better health

Food diary analysis for weight control

Development of personalised exercise programme

Re-assessment & review after 6 weeks (with optional further 6 weekly re-assessments)

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing comprises a series of fitness tests, covering a general fitness assessment, testing of your strength, cardiovascular & power levels, a body fat test (body composition), squat tests, detailed body measurement for weight loss, blood pressure, height & weight measurement, and any other specific tests relevant to your personal fitness goals.

The entire Fitness Testing processes last approx. 1hour.

On completion of the Fitness test, you will be provided with a full explanation of all areas for improvement and all other details, together with a fully customised personal training programme based on the findings of the tests, designed to fully realise all your fitness & wellbeing goals.